On a hot and humid summer night, driving down I-95, with my wife Courtney and daughter Jules (2) sleeping in the back after an extended vacation, I began imagining that it would be a fun lifestyle to try and tell the stories of the interesting people and places I come in contact with throughout my local East Coast travels. Now, I was not picturing any worldly travels, diving with sharks, or flying a helicopter.  It was more the opposite, just the ability to tell the unique everyday people-focused stories that I feel like we can all relate to and be inspired by.  I started envisioning an older version of myself doing photojournalism and traveling up and down the Cape Fear Coastline, Crystal Coast, and OBX with my family, a camper van, and a mission to tell a story from my perspective.  It wasn’t a clear vision and I didn’t have a specific business goal, but I felt completely sure that it was the life I wanted to be living. I felt compelled by the vision I had to become a photographer, to be able to tell a story, create art, and capture memories.

I was excited, so I decided immediately upon returning home to Wilmington, NC that I would start carrying my camera everywhere.  I would begin submitting article ideas to every magazine I was interested in and sending photos to online publications.  I started a church newsletter so that I could work on developing my photography and photojournalism skills, while telling real stories about inspirational people in our community.  I showed up at community events like Surfer’s Healing and took photos of amazing children with autism, their parents and the volunteers.  I brought my camera to a paddle-out ceremony at Wrightsville Beach where we celebrated the life of a surfer that passed. These moments enabled me to capture the reflective but refreshing emotions as we came together as a surfing community. I was envigorated. I photographed the homeless people at Vigilant Hope, a missions based nonprofit in Wilmington, to try and raise awareness. I was invited to Ivanhoe, NC to help get footage and raise awareness for the Hurricane Matthew flooding that left dozens of homes and an entire ranch under water.  I captured true love at a wedding, pure joy in a baby announcement, and candid personality in portraits of friends, family, and strangers. This adventure is just beginning and I can’t wait to see how it continues to take shape.   

Currently based in Wilmington, NC, I enjoy participating in art shows, openings and installations, and capturing special moments.  I am renovating a 1982 Sunline 15′ travel trailer to turn into my mobile art studio to cruise around to festivals, events or simply to show up at the beach or camp in the mountains for a night with my family.  I am really enjoying the artistic aspect of photography because I love being involved in the community and being at all these events where meet amazing people. My style of art is very relatable, showcasing local beaches, surf spots, landscapes, and sunrises in a very organic and approachable way.  I want my artwork and images to inspire you to reminisce about a time or place in life when you didn’t feel the burden of chores and you could soak it all in and enjoy the moment. My desire is to capture the natural beauty of the people and landscapes of Wrightsville Beach, Masonboro Island, Wilmington, Southport, Bald Head, Cape Fear River, Figure Eight Island and beyond in an artistic, unique and meaningful way.